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Thanksgiving Fashion 2024

Thanksgiving Fashion: Stylish Outfit Ideas for the Holidays

Take a fashionable step into Thanksgiving, learn more about trendy looks inspired by classic old-fashioned or modern tradition. 

Spice up your dinner outfit with an extra layer of chic and warmth with the latest 2024 trends or dive into nostalgic vibes with the thanksgiving fashion. And, of course, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with an old-fashioned cocktail.

Thanksgiving Old Fashioned

Thanksgiving Old Fashioned

What is Thanksgiving fashion? It is not only about following the latest trends. It is also about tradition. Therefore, adding different elements to your fashion choices in the form of,

  • Chequered patterns, 
  • Tweed textures and 
  • Retro accessories would be perfect to honour the roots of this fall holiday. 

Modernise your Style

Fashion of the past is cool. At the same time, do not forget about all the trendiness of Fall 2021. Therefore, combine classic fall three-prime combinations with trendy silhouettes and bright elements.


Ladies can choose more refined and comfortable options, including flowy midi dresses with ankle boots or dressy pantsuits with vibrant blouses. Use bright autumn colours like rust, mustard, or olive to imbue your outfit with a seasonal feel. 


Men may continue their sophistication even during the holidays, combining elegant and relaxed pieces. For example, layer button-down shirts under cable-knit sweaters with dark denim or chinos. Combining this look with polished leather loafers or boots tops it off. 

Cheers to good style

Don’t forget to add a signature New York City Thanksgiving cocktail to your ensemble. A traditional old-fashioned or a journey with a twist will ensure good style as you spend the holiday in style.

AspectOld FashionedNew Trend
ColoursEarthy tones, muted huesVibrant, bold colours
FabricsWool, tweed, cottonSustainable, eco-friendly materials
SilhouettesStructured, tailoredRelaxed, oversized
PatternsPlaid, houndstoothAbstract, geometric
AccessoriesVintage jewellery, broochesStatement earrings, chunky necklaces
FootwearLeather boots, classic pumpsSneakers, platform sandals
Women’s FashionFlowy skirts, high collarsCrop tops, asymmetrical hemlines
Men’s FashionWaistcoats, bow tiesBomber jackets, jogger pants
HairstylesPin curls, victory rollsMessy buns, natural waves
Overall VibeRefined eleganceUrban chic, effortless

Some Dress names of this day which will be in the history of Thanksgiving Day and people dress up and enjoy this day, the best way they can,

  • Harvest Plaid Midi Dress
  • Vintage Velvet Maxi Gown
  • Rustic Tweed A-Line Dress
  • Classic Cable Knit Sweater Dress
  • Victorian-Inspired Lace Dress
  • Antique Floral Print Tea Dress
  • Retro Polka Dot Fit and Flare Dress
  • Edwardian Ruffle Trim Shift Dress
  • Timeless Tartan Shift Dress
  • Elegant Embroidered Wool Dress

This Thanksgiving holiday season, adopt the traditional Thanksgiving fashion perspective of the old-fashioned variety with a timeless design and classic stitching. These dresses, mild lace trims and solid velvet textures will make you appear stylish and elegant with a touch of mystery. These dresses are great options for an authentic Thanksgiving Parade experience.

Thanksgiving Fashion Ideas

Thanksgiving Fashion Ideas

The spirit of Thanksgiving where we can do the Macy’s parade viewing with fashion that gives a nod to tradition while still being stylish. Classic items such as a blazer or a sophisticated dress in autumnal colours will always make you look polished and put together. 

  • Rich browns, 
  • Deep oranges, 
  • Golden yellows, and 
  • Any other warm and colourful hues to bring elegance and warmth to your Thanksgiving outfit.


Mixing and matching layers is a great way to create versatile and cosy Thanksgiving outfits. Pair a soft knit sweater with a fashionable vest for an effortlessly chic outfit or layer a plaid shirt under your favourite denim jacket for a stylish and rustic look that will keep you warm and looking great.

Statement Accessories

Make a statement with pieces that showcase your personality. Wear a chunky statement necklace, bold earrings or a fashionable scarf with your outfit to add a splash of colour and visual interest.

Stylish and comfortable footwear

Another way to add comfort to a stylish outfit is to opt for comfortable footwear. Ankle boots, loafers or pretty flats worn with your elegant outfit would give you the comfy feel you’re after while allowing you to move freely and enjoy the celebration. 

Festive finishing touch

Accessorise your Thanksgiving look with underlined festive details. Style a hairstyle with a headwrap made of autumn flowers, wear a warm plaid scarf or a leather belt with a rustic design to add charm and warmth to your look.

All in a table,

Thanksgiving Fashion IdeasKey Elements
Timeless EleganceClassic pieces, warm autumn hues
Layering MasteryKnit sweaters, stylish vests
Statement AccessoriesChunky necklaces, bold earrings
Comfortable FootwearAnkle boots, chic flats
Festive Finishing TouchesFloral hair accessory, plaid scarf

Thanksgiving Old Fashioned Cocktail

Thanksgiving Old Fashioned Cocktail

Thanksgiving Old Fashioned is a fun twist on the typical nostalgic flavours of the holidays. A staple of American cocktail culture, it is an ode to the “Old Fashioned” a drink known since the early 19 th century. There is something we can enjoy to know is the Macy’s Parade Behind the Scenes because everything happens there and we all only enjoy the representations.

The addition of the retro drink to the playbook of Thanksgiving spirit is a perfect match of the past and the present. These variations offer a delightful twist on the traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, seasonal flavours perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Cocktail Variation Ingredients
Classic Old Fashioned– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
– 1 sugar cube
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– Orange twist for garnish
Spiced Apple Old Fashioned– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
– 1/2 oz spiced apple cider
– 1/4 oz maple syrup
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– Apple slice for garnish
Cranberry Orange Old Fashioned– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
– 1/2 oz cranberry juice
– 1/4 oz orange liqueur
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– Orange twist and cranberries for garnish
Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
– 1/2 oz pumpkin puree
– 1/4 oz maple syrup
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– Cinnamon stick for garnish
Maple Pecan Old Fashioned– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
– 1/2 oz maple syrup
– 1/4 oz pecan liqueur
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– Pecan halves for garnish
Gingerbread Old Fashioned– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
– 1/2 oz gingerbread syrup
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– Orange twist and gingerbread cookie for garnish

Ingredients and Steps

Old Fashioned is usually prepared with bourbon or rye, muddled with sugar, bitters, and a touch of orange and seasonal spices such as cloves or cinnamon may be added as well.

Serving and presentation

The Thanksgiving Old Fashioned is commonly given in a rocks glass with ice, and an orange peel or a festive cinnamon stick is used to garnish it. The drink’s rich amber shade and aromatic garnishes capture the inviting atmosphere of autumn holiday gatherings.

Suggested pairings

The cocktail is perfect with classic Thanksgiving dinner staples, such as roast turkey, stuffing, and glazed sweet potato casserole. The strong flavour of the drink works well with the high-fat and abundantly flavoured dishes characteristic of a Thanksgiving feast.

Contemporary turns

Even though the above recipe never gets old, many mixologists nowadays add a contemporary twist to their Thanksgiving Old Fashioned. Trying it with seasonal ingredients, such as cranberry syrup or spiced cider, gives an innovative touch, which is especially interesting when combined with the honour of the old.

Thanksgiving Fashion for Ladies

Thanksgiving Fashion for Ladies

Summarise the very concept of Thanksgiving without compromising on style with a timeless look. Choose aged-in traditional autumn tones like, 

  • Dark burgundy, 
  • Mustard and 
  • Soft olive green 
  • An A-line dress or 
  • Slim-fit pants and a blouse.

Cosy Knits

Ensure you stay warm and stylish in snug knits that improve the comfies and maintain the chic. Eas a chunky knit sweater and a midi skirt or tight-fitting jeans for sophisticated comfort while relaxing in a more sociable manner.

Statement Accessories

Don’t forget to include a pop of extravagance to your ensemble with trendy accessories.

  • Gradient jewellery, 
  • Luxurious headbands, or 
  • Decorative scarves 

Can fit almost any appearance and share personality.

Seasonal prints

Get into the autumn mood by wearing enjoyable prints like, 

  • Plaid, 
  • Houndstooth and 
  • Floral patterns. 

Dress up in these designs using,

  • Blouses, 
  • Skirts and 
  • Scarves.

Versatile footwear

Find the ideal balance of comfort and style for hours spent mingling and feasting. Wear,

  • Ankle boots, 
  • Fashion-forward loafers or 
  • Stylish flats that can be dressed up or dressed down while still allowing you to move freely.

Here is a table of dress up collection for this day a lady/women can wear,

Colour PaletteRich burgundy, deep mustard, warm olive green
SilhouettesA-line dresses, tailored pantsuits
KnitwearChunky knit sweaters
AccessoriesStatement jewellery, embellished headbands, stylish scarves
PrintsPlaid, houndstooth, floral motifs
FootwearAnkle boots, stylish loafers, embellished flats

Thanksgiving Fashion 2024

Thanksgiving fashion in 2024 is completely sustainable, with eco-friendly materials and fair trade manufacturing. Whether it’s an organic cotton dress or a recycled wool sweater, the key is to create a minimal environmental impact while still being stylish. We can also know about what happened then when it was 1st started in the pages of history by knowing when was the first macy’s thanksgiving day parade.

Bold colours and patterns

Thanksgiving day colours will be loud and powerful. Deep oranges, rich burgundies, and deep greens are all popular, while floral, plaid, and geometric patterns will be woven through each garment.

Versatile Layers

With the constantly changing weather, Thanksgiving fashion in 2024 highlights versatile layers. Moreover, when meeting family and friends outside, 

  • Lightweight cardigans, 
  • Trendy scarves and 
  • Stylish jackets not only keep you warm but give you the opportunity to quickly convert a casual walk down the sidewalk into a formal dinner with close relatives or friends

To create a comfortable and fashionable Thanksgiving combination, try the following fashion suggestions that strike the ideal balance between chic and comfortable. 

Combine cosy sweater dress in a rich autumnal hue such as rust or olive with knee-high boots and a statement belt that you can use to highlight your waist area for figure-elongating effect.

Layering to this outfit also adds versatility and warmth, and you can wear a trench coat or blazer over it for double practicality.

Gender inclusivity

Thanksgiving fashion in 2024 offers a wide variety of attire for all existing genders. In 2024, everyone can wear tailored suits and flowing dresses, as well as feel confident in their gender-neutral rich separates.

Thanksgiving fashion accessories appear tech-savvy in 2024, with built-in phone chargers, LEDs and smart fabrics that help regulate temperature while you keep in touch.

Here is a table of something we can follow for thanksgiving fashion 2024,

Sustainable StylesEmbracing eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes for a lower environmental impact.
Bold Colours and PrintsVibrant hues and playful patterns dominating the Thanksgiving fashion palette for a statement look.
Versatile LayersLayering lightweight cardigans, scarves and jackets for easy transition and comfort throughout the day.
Gender-Inclusive FashionOffering a diverse range of styles for all genders, including tailored suits, flowy dresses and gender-neutral separates.
Tech-Infused AccessoriesIncorporating features like built-in phone chargers and smart fabrics for functionality alongside style.
Timeless ClassicsHonouring traditional Thanksgiving fashion while adding modern twists for a timeless yet fresh ensemble.

If dresses are not your thing, another alternative could be to match a pair of high-waisted trousers with a warm knit sweater or a button-up blouse and then tuck it into your trousers. 

Then, for a splash of sophistication, slip into your favourite pair of ankle boots or loafers. Finally, adorn yourself with a beaded necklace or a lovely scarf that reflects your personality. For a laid-back afternoon, a pair of your favourite jeans and a thick knit sweater always works with a pair of ankle boots.

Thanksgiving Fashion Dinner

Thanksgiving Fashion Dinner

Make sure the dress suits the overall Thanksgiving event’s theme. Attend a formal Thanksgiving dinner by wearing a classic tunic or autumn-coloured pantsuit.

Chug on a dark red, orange or rich brown-coloured dress or suit. A relaxed Thanksgiving dinner lets you opt for tight pants or a skirt under a sweater. Here is a table of content of ThanksGiving Fassion Dinner,

DishFashion Inspiration
TurkeyTraditional Thanksgiving attire, such as earth-toned dresses or suits with autumnal accents.
Mashed PotatoesComfortable yet stylish outfits like cosy sweaters paired with tailored pants or skirts.
Cranberry SauceBold and vibrant fashion choices, such as red dresses or statement accessories to add pops of colour.
Pumpkin PieOutfits featuring warm, rich hues like deep oranges or browns, reminiscent of autumn foliage.
Green Bean CasseroleChic and versatile ensembles that incorporate layers, such as cardigans or scarves, for added warmth and style.
StuffingClassic and timeless fashion pieces, like tailored blazers or structured dresses, for a polished look.
GravyAccessories that enhance your outfit, such as statement jewellery or stylish coats, for added flair.
CornbreadFootwear options that prioritise comfort, such as low-heeled boots or flats, perfect for long hours of mingling.

Comfort is the secret

Thanksgiving dinners are well-known for their stress, dieting, and lengthy hours of indulgent eating. Dress up with beautiful attire that allows for growth and movement . Flowy clothing can also be form-fitting, such as stretchy pants or loose tops.


Since fall weather can be finicky, layering is critical. Cardigans, blazers, or scarves add extra flair to your outfit and can be easily added or removed as the day passes, ensuring that you remain warm or cool as needed. This can also provide a sense of depth to your getup, making it appear more coordinated and synchronised.

Thoughtful accessorising

Thanksgiving gives you the freedom to decorate yourself to the fullest. Choose a selection of jewellery items to wear on your neck or ears while still maintaining your formal appearance. 


A low heel or flat shoe is a better choice because it will provide support if you have to stand or sit for an extended period.’s boots or booties .

Thanksgiving Fashion Men

Thanksgiving Fashion Men

Add a few traditional items to your Thanksgiving outfit, such as 

  • Muted hues, 
  • A tweed coat or 
  • A knit sweater.

The balanced combination of these elements will offer you a look of cosiness and grandeur for your special day.


Consider wearing a tailored jacket over the flannel shirt or a lightweight sweater to meet the demands of the fall weather. It not only adds another layer to your outfit but also keeps you comfortable throughout the day as temperatures change.

Accessorise adequately

To complete your look with autumn Thanksgiving clothing, add 

  • A statement scarf, 
  • Leather gloves or 
  • A stylish hat to your outfit.

Such add-ons are both practical and useful.

Footwear Selection

Finally, pay attention to the styling of shoes you are going to match with your Thanksgiving outfit. 

While you can choose regular leather boots or suede loafers that will also look good with your sweater for a walk with proper footwear, they can be used for raking leaves for a stroll post-dinner too.A full plan of balancing,

  • Giving back, 
  • Spending time with loved ones, and 
  • Enjoying the festivities of Thanksgiving while maintaining appropriate clothing for each activity.

All are given in the table of thanksgiving fashion for men,

TimeActivityDress Code
Morning (9 AM)Volunteer at a local shelter or food bankCasual attire; jeans, sweater, comfortable shoes
Afternoon (1 PM)Assist with meal preparation or set the tableCasual-chic; button-down shirt, jeans, apron
Late Afternoon (4 PM)Enjoy outdoor activities with family and friendsCasual outdoors; layered clothing, jacket, boots
Evening (6 PM)Gather for Thanksgiving dinnerSemi-formal; collared shirt, trousers, blazer
Night (8 PM)Share stories and play games with loved onesComfortable casual; relaxed fit clothing, slippers

Thanksgiving Fashion Women

Thanksgiving Fashion Women

Women can show off their appreciation for the holiday season while also looking fashionable

You can wear a tailored blazer or cosy sweater dress in traditional autumn colours like,

  • Burgundy, 
  • Mustard yellow and 
  • Deep olive.

Such outfits, both of which are timeless and trendy, provide an air of sophistication and warmth during the season’s event.

Comfortable Chic

Achieving a comfortable yet elegant look is essential. You may dress in a chic and comfy manner by wearing leggings and a floating tunic or long ruffle dress that’s both sophisticated and comfy. 

Make your look pop with elegant accessories like a fashionable belt, watch, statement jewellery, and a scarf modern bracelet throughout the day.

Seasonal Layers

Fall is sweater weather season, and nothing makes you cosier than a thick, chunky knit cardigan or a chic trench coat. 

Layering your Thanksgiving outfit with seasonal pieces not only gives it more depth but also ensures that you’ll be covered if the temperatures fluctuate during the day. Winter boots and some loosely fitting denim are good to wear.

While you’re playing around with different knits and fabrics to keep things visually interesting.


Finish off your Thanksgiving look with subtly selected accessories that complement your outfit and give it a more stylized touch. You can wear, 

  • A wide-brimmed hat, 
  • A statement belt or 
  • A comfy scarf to add 
  • Some personality to your ensemble.

Make sure the pieces convey the same warm, rustic impression of the holiday while also reflecting your personality and taste.

Shoe Sizzle

Step into your Thanksgiving outfit with great shoes that complete your outfit while helping you walk around the house and the feasts effortlessly. 

Wear low comfy shoes like ankle boots or fabulous flats and low-heels that make you look fashionable while feeling comfortable. Avoid high heels and other awkward shoes that might keep you from fully enjoying the dinner.

TimeActivityDress Code
MorningPrepare Thanksgiving BrunchCasual and Comfortable attire for cooking(Jeans, T-shirt, Apron)
AfternoonAttend Thanksgiving ParadeChic and Layered outfit for outdoor activities(Sweater, Jeans, Boots, Scarf)
Early EveningFamily Photoshoot in the ParkCoordinated Colours, Casual Elegance(Skirt with Blouse, Cardigan)
Dinner TimeThanksgiving Dinner with FamilyFestive and Stylish attire for gathering(Top with Pants, Heels)
Late EveningPost-Dinner Relaxation and GamesCosy and Relaxed attire for indoor activities(Leggings, Oversized Sweater, Slippers)


What should I wear on Thanksgiving Day?

For Thanksgiving day, get classic style and comfort. You can dress in sophisticated blazers, trendy dress shirts, and practical knit sweaters in autumn colours. To look elegant and keep warm, think layering, making streamlined vests and denim jackets a must-have. 

Finish your look with lovely, eye-catching accessories such as dangling earrings or a cashing necklace. Choose fashionable comfort bullets like ankle boots to participate in all festivities.

What are Thanksgiving colours for clothes?

In general, the colours for the clothes on Thanksgiving are drawn from the warm and bright colours of the fall foliage. These colours often include, 
– Warm brown, 
– Bright orange, 
– Golden yellow and 
– Warm brown. 

They are symbols of warmth, abundance and gratitude that define the spirit of the harvest season and the Thanksgiving holiday. Moreover, for the same reason, the earthy olive green and warm camel or beige colours may be suited to a stylish, celebratory Thanksgiving outfit.

Is it OK to wear black on Thanksgiving?

Indeed, it is okay to wear black on Thanksgiving. Although this holiday is traditionally associated with, 
– Warm, earthy colours, 
– Black clothing can be chic and practical. 

Choose black items that make you feel more in the holiday, a warm black sweater with a few colourful accessories or a classic little black dress for Thanksgiving with gold jewellery and a bright scarf.

Are jeans appropriate for Thanksgiving?

Jeans are good for Thanksgiving, but it depends on the place of celebration and your style. Jeans of a darker shade, for example, dark blue or black are more formal. 

Jeans can be combined with a warm sweater or an elegant blouse. Comfort and practicality are essential for family dinners, and jeans allow you to dress formally at the same time.

What should women wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

Women can wear elegant and relaxed wear for Thanksgiving dinner. An appropriate outfit could be a knit sweater with tailored trousers or a midi skirt to be both warm and sophisticated. 

Choose to incorporate the colours of, 
– Autumn like, deep oranges, 
– Rich browns and 
– Golden yellows. 

Fulfil the look with statement accessories and the type of shoes that enables swift movement, but at the same time is ergonomic such as ankle boots or flat ones.

What clothes to wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

In such a case, for Thanksgiving dinner, it is important to choose what is both festive and comfortable. The best decision will be to pick items that are great for all occasions: 
– A blazer, 
– A slightly oversized fashionable vest or 
– A knitted cosy sweater.

An elegant and comfortable dress in warm fall earthy colours, stylish footwear like ankle boots or flats and some statement necklace, sleepers, or hairpin or band to finish the look.